Our Agent's Coaching & Training

"Coaching is the universal language of change and learning." -CNN

The easy days of working in real estate are gone. Now, just like every other profession, a real estate agent must keep up to date with the latest news, update skill sets every year and perform at maximum potential, if they are to win the buyer and seller business!

At Main Street Realty we provide comprehensive training in all relevant areas. We have formed mutually beneficial relationships with some of the top training providers in Canada in order for our realtors to succeed.

Mike Cartwright, Broker of Record provides coaching services Rob Vivian Coaching, a premiere real estate coach in North America. Mike is a hands on broker, regularly featured online and in the news. Mike also prides himself on finding unique and cutting edge tactics specializing on;

Deal Closing & Negotoation Skills

Negotiating skills are often minimized or overlooked completely in training and coaching programs for real estate professionals.

Mike ensures his agents are skilled in the art of negotiating to get you the best deal possible!

Perfect Property Match

Our agents have access to the latest technology to ensure they stay up to date on the perfect propety for you.

Webinars and workshops are available to ensure our agents familiarize and master all of these tools.

Marketing You Home to Sell Fast

Our agents receive marketing training and coaching from our in-house matketing team.

Staying abreast of the latest trends and marketing practices ensures your property gets premium exposure!

Mike Story Goes a Little Like This...

After years of working for the big Franchise Brokers...

I felt that there was no connection between the Broker and the Salespeople. The marketing knowledge was non existent with too much emphasis on the MLS. Because of this the individual salespeople did not have the marketing skills or tools to properly serve their clients. In 2010 Main Street Realty was created.

I wanted a company that served the public well in terms of professional marketing for each home listed. I invested a lot of time and effort in finding the best professionals to do the staging consultations, custom design feature books ,high resolution top of the line photography and virtual tours This gave the company the feel of salespeople who are now experts in marketing while specializing in Real Estate.

Our main focus for our clients is that we are heavily invested in online and social media marketing. We are by far a Real Estate and marketing agency with an in house Branding and design expert.

I also wanted to create a culture of professional training...

Legal advice and Broker support. We accomplished this by partnering with Rob Vivian coaching and training and Cerasa Law. The agents at Main Street also know they can call me at any time for support and help. In 2015 Main Street Realty was named one of the Top 60 Brokerages across the country by Real Estate Professional Magazine.

Main Street's tech forward approach has earned many agents from the company to be awarded with Top agent status. The Brokerage has flourished with 6 offices covering, York, Peel and Durham region.

The best part of this process for me is watching the Main Street Agent provide a superior service to their clients. At Main Street Realty we embrace change and are always looking for new ways to provide a better experience for our clients.

We are a collaborative company and I currently coach agents throughout the GTA at different companies and help them succeed at a higher level.