About Us

We do real estate differently. We do it right!


is our favorite four letter word

About Us

We know that selling,

buying or renting a home in this climate can often be an impersonal and time-consuming process full of unexpected surprises

From hidden unforseen

issues to brokers/agents gone AWOL, we’ve seen and heard it all over the years.

That’s why our mission

at Main Street Realty Ltd. is to turn the typical moving experience on its head.

Why to Choose Us

There are hundreds of real estate brokerages out there, but there is only one Main Street Realty. Established in 2010, after watching nearly 50 agents walk out the door of a Canadian franchise brokerage, our Broker of Record Mike Cartwright made his decision to go independent.

Mike's’s mission in launching Main Street, which now has five offices surrounding the Toronto area, was to empower agents to think differently about their work. “I opened up a brokerage to give agents the training and support that I didn’t feel they were getting from traditional brokers,” he said.

His approach pushes agents to think more creatively about how to nurture relationships with buyers and sellers. “Most agents hold open houses on Sundays,” he said. “I teach them to knock on doors during the week to advertise a special VIP open house, just for neighbors.” Main Street's tech forward approach has earned many agents from the company to be awarded with Top agent status. These is just a few of the things that separate Mainstreet Realty from the rest.

  • Main Street has offices throughout York/Durham region
  • Main Street specializes in residential, commercial and rental properties
  • Main Street's inhouse team of professionals makes the buying/selling process simple!

Excellent customer service is the number one priority at Main Street. Without our happy clients, there is no Main Street!

- Chris Cartwright

Our In House Support Team


Home Staging

Property Styling or Staging is not just for exclusive high end homes. It is one of the easiest and most affordable ways home owners can get more money when they sell their home. ;


Graphic Designer

Only the best for your clients! Whether its signage or web based, the material to promote your property is always top notch and the best in the biz!


Mortgage and Financial Advisors

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay cash for property. So now that you've found your dream home - how are you going to pay for it? Fortunately, the days of the all cash purchase are finally over.


Speciality Realtors

Whether you're a first time home buyer or looking to sell a large industrial property, our specialty agents are available in-office, via telephone and via text/chat. We are here to serve you

Our Community Partners

At Main Street we value our community and enjoy giving back! From helping out at women's shelters, to sponsoring annual golf charities to raise money for Sick Kids, we believe in Community Outreach. We have even been featured in Beta Brokers as one of Canada's leading groundbreaking brokerages!

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